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Detail Services Available!

Doesn't Your Car Deserve A Spa Day?

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We want to focus on cleaning your vehicle. To do that, we request that you remove personal items and any trash prior to your appointment.


These items include:
Guns / Medications / Cash & Coins / Car Seats / Beauty & Personal Care Items (i.e. Lotion, Makeup, Hair Care Products, etc. / Clothing / Umbrellas / Weapons & Ammunition / Trash / And any other items that have value to you.

We use compressed air, liquid cleaning solutions and vacuum tools to clean your vehicle. Loose items reduce our ability to detail your car to meet our high standards and to make you happy and your car look great.


Items that have not been removed from the cup holders, seat and door pockets, floorboards and trunk will be placed in a detail bag so that we can properly clean those areas.

We can do a better job if you tell us in advance about specific stains, spills, or discolorations. For example, candle wax, tanning lotions, etc. need to be treated with specific products and extracted a certain way. WE DON’T JUDGE…. WE JUST CLEAN!!

Glove box interiors will not be cleaned and its contents will not be disturbed.


Child car seat(s) must be removed prior to the appointment if you wish to have the seat cleaned underneath the child seat. We are not experts at re-installing child seats to meet safety specifications.


We do not clean the inside of enclosed canopies on large trucks because most owners have them filled with tools and supplies and the inside is difficult to access with a pressure hose. However, if the bed of your truck is empty and you request that we clean this area for you, it is available at an additional cost.


At check-in, we ask that you identify and point out any components or parts that are already broken or in a condition about to fail before the detailing appointment begins. This will allow us to take extra care while cleaning these areas. If we find defective materials or loose-fitting parts while cleaning, we may not be able to clean them properly and will advise you of what we discovered.


We need to keep all the doors on your vehicle open during the detailing process and that could potentially drain your battery if it is in a weak state. Customers need to ensure their battery is charged and in proper working condition prior to the detailing appointment.


Depending on the condition of your vehicle, more than one visit may be necessary. We do not claim to be able to restore your automobiles paint surfaces or to be able to bring back the interior and exterior to a like-new condition.

We are not liable for vehicles that are left overnight.

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